The ADLINK PXES-2785 chassis combines a high-performance 18- slot PXI Express backplane with a high-output power supply and a structural design that has been optimized for maximum usability in a wide range of applications. The chassis’ modular design ensures a high level of maintainability and offers replaceable power supplies for high-availability applications, resulting in a very low mean time to repair (MTTR). The PXES-2785 chassis fully complies with the PXITM-5 PXI Express Hardware Specification, offering advanced timing and synchronization features.

ADLINK PXES-2785, using PCI Express 3.0 technology, features 24GB/s of system bandwidth for high-throughput, peer-topeer data transfer applications, and up to 8 GB/s bandwidth for all peripheral slots. Moreover, the chassis offers 1170W power in total, and 50W/82W of power cooling capacity per slot so that PXES-2785 can provide higher power budgets for high performance and power PXI modules. The PXI Express timing and synchronization feature functions are for high clock accuracy and external clock and trigger routing.

The PXES-2785 is equipped with a smart system monitoring controller, reporting chassis status including fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature, remote chassis monitoring via Ethernet port, and inhibit control.


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18-Slot 3U 24GB/s PXI Express Chassis – Up to 8 GB/s, 50W power and cooling capacity per slot

Key Features
  • PXI™-5 PXI Express hardware specification Rev.1.0 compliant
  • 18-slot PXI Express chassis with one system slot, one system timing slot, six hybrid peripheral slots, and ten PXI Express peripheral slots
  • PXI Express System Slot routed as 2 Link Configuration x8 x16
  • Up to 24 GB/s (PCI Express 3.0 x8 x16 link) system bandwidth
  • 0°C to 55°C extended operating temperature range